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7 Ways To Avoid Being Scammed By A Transport Company

Did you get a new job and planning to move to a new place soon? Are you looking for reliable and professional Hyderabad transport partner but have no idea how to reach them? If so, this blog will be helpful for you to find the most suitable logistics and transport company.

Actually, there are ample transport companies in India, but all of them are not good. Only a few shipping companies offer the best transport services. Thus, it is important to invest some time in research and list out 2-3 companies you are interested in.

Not only home relocation clients need to be careful while choosing a transport company but the businesses too because it will have a major impact on their day-to-day operations. With so much at stake, it becomes necessary to take the time to analyze and evaluate each of the options available and select the transporter that will best suit your organization’s requirements as well as supply chain needs.

To check whether the company is genuine or fraud, you must ask them for necessary certificates and documents. Ask them for proof of insurance. If they are able to show you the insurance certificates then only go for them. Get everything in writing before signing the agreement. Experience and workforce are also important factors to consider when partnering with a Hyderabad transport company.

7 Ways To Avoid Getting Cheated By Car Transport Company

When you are moving to a new city or state, seeking help from a car transport company would be a better idea instead of driving the car yourself. There are seven most important ways which can help you to avoid being cheated by a car transport company.

What services do they offer?

Ask the transporters what kind of services do they offer. Some shipping firms may only work regionally, and others might have expertise in a specific field like home relocation and commercial moving but no experience in car transportation. Find out whether the transport company offers an open or enclosed car transport service. Regional shipping can be tough and damaging to your car if it is transported in an open cargo truck.

Invest some time in research!

You can make a well-informed and positive decision after detailed research. The best way to do so is to make an online search on Google, but keep in mind that do not believe these results blindly. Try to personally visit companies in Hyderabad transport to understand their services better. Online customer reviews and talking to their old customers will be of great help to make a smart decision.

Budget is another important factor!

Price for car transportation may vary from the transporter to transporter. So, it is advisable to compare the rates of a few companies. Try to know the break even of the total cost. This way you will understand exactly what all is included in the cost. No one wants to pay extra money that they weren’t even aware of. Many transport companies will be ready to provide you with a free estimate. They just need some basic details about your car and the location where it needs to be shifted. Customers who often have more than one car may negotiate with the transport company for any discount.

What insurance coverage are they giving?

The standard motor insurance perhaps will not cover transporting your vehicle across the country, thereby, you need to ensure that your shipping partner has suitable insurance coverage. Check their insurance documents to know exactly what level of insurance cover your car will have when it is being moved. If you think that it is not sufficient, you can ask about increasing the cover. Some Hyderabad transport companies might cost a little more for it, but you will get the peace of mind which will be worth it.

What documents do you need?

Right documentation is very important to ship the cars across the country, otherwise, car thieves can steal it easily. You need to provide necessary car documents like your insurance and registration documents to the transporter but also check with them to find out exactly what documents they will need to be sure you can have legally safe transportation of your car.

Companies offer the cheapest transport price!

Money is the most crucial factor when it comes to moving goods from one place to another. But it is also true that the cheapest price never guarantees timely and professional service. There are many companies in Hyderabad transport that offer very cheap and enticing rates to lure innocent customers. In the beginning, the low rates look attractive but it can result in many problems like late delivery, damaged car etc.

Check the company’s reputation!

If you want to avoid being cheated by a transport company, check its reputation. Some transport companies mention many things about their reputation on their website, but simply don’t believe everything that it says. Check online review sites related to auto transport companies. Customers often post genuine reviews on the transport services review portal they received from the specific transporter. If they didn’t have a good experience, you can have an idea by reading these reviews.

How TruckGuru is the leading and trusted company for logistics services?

If you want a transport company you can trust, the one which can offer you fast, secure and timely transportation of goods, TruckGuru would be your best choice. TruckGuru is the leading and most trusted name in Hyderabad transport and logistics industry.

The type of transport services offered by different transporter may be different. There are companies that offer only goods transportation, they have no expertise in moving vehicles, but TruckGuru is one such transport company that has wide experience in moving industrial merchandise, household goods and vehicle transportation.

If you have any doubt why TruckGuru is considered the most leading trusted partner for logistics services, you can meet them personally. They will answer all your questions regarding the safety and timely delivery of your consignment. It will definitely help you to understand their quality logistics services better.


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