Truck type India

How Do I Choose The Correct Truck Type in India?

Truck type India

What type of moving truck should I book? It is likely one of the most confusing questions on your mind if you’re thinking of moving on your own. Despite the apparent query, “Where should I begin packing from?” Experienced moving companies like TruckGuru can take care of every element of the move, including choosing the right vehicle to transport your goods. Yet, if you’ve decided against working with professionals, you’re on your own and must carefully consider this important option to ensure the smooth execution of the moving day.

We recognize how a quick Google search on how to select the appropriate truck size for relocating might leave you feeling even more perplexed. The major reason for this is that replies like “medium-sized trucks are suitable for moving 1 to 2 bedrooms” or “1000 to 1500 cubic feet of space would be necessary to move a 3 BHK or 2 BHK,” etc., do not provide you the answer you were hoping for, especially not in plain English.

Furthermore, it may be challenging for you to estimate the precise amount that your furniture, appliances, boxes, and other items will occupy. Of course, it would be hard for a novice to see all the conveniently located objects in your home crammed into a truck.

No need to freak out. We’ll take you step-by-step through the whole process of determining the ideal moving Truck Type in India for your upcoming move. Continue reading to learn all you need to know, from why it’s necessary to rent the right size moving truck to what sizes are available on the market to how to choose the right one step by step.

Why does truck size matter?

The last thing you want to happen on your moving day, which is already quite busy, is to run into difficulties transferring your belongings. Deciding the wrong truck size can lead to both inconveniences and safety concerns when loading and unloading your belongings.

You could have to make many trips to move your products, unload the entire truck and get a bigger one, or you might have to get rid of some of your priceless possessions that don’t fit if you pick a little truck that won’t hold all of your things at once. In any case, you’ll wind up using far more time, effort, and resources to finish your transfer all at once.

Alternately, if you select a giant truck, you will have ample space to arrange and transfer your entire home’s worth of belongings easily. But, there is a good risk that some (or most) of the truck will be empty, in which case you will pay a lot of money for a lot of space. Your furniture, appliances, and other belongings might slip off the truck or get tossed around in the back, thus increasing the chance of damage. Hence, it is clear that getting the right-sized moving truck is essential for a smooth and safe moving day.

How Many Truck Type in India are available?

Small-sized Trucks (7 ft – 9 ft) pickup

The most popular cars in this category are the Tata ACE, Pickup truck, and 407, with lengths ranging from 7 to 9 feet.
Most suited for: Moving different types of cargo across the city;
Suitable size for relocating: studio rooms and conventional 1 BHK;
easily fits 1 to 2 rooms’ worth of belongings;
600 kg to 2000 kg is the maximum weight that may be loaded;

Medium-sized Trucks (14 ft – 19 ft)

These mid-size vehicles include the Canter truck, Long Platform Truck (LPT), LCV, and DCM. Their lengths range from 14 to 19 feet.
Transporting home items, relocating workplaces, and industrial relocation are the best uses for;
The optimal size for moving a home is two or three bedrooms;
Can accommodate things with ease: 3–5 rooms of possessions;
4000–9000 kg is the maximum weight that may be loaded;

Large-sized Trucks (24 ft – 32FT Sxl & Mxl )

Transporting home items, relocating workplaces, and industrial relocation are the best uses for;
3 to 5 BHK homes or independent villas are the ideal sizes to relocate;
Can accommodate things with ease
of belongings or goods weight upto;
7000–14000 kg is the maximum weight that may be loaded;
Distance travelled during transport: between 500 and 5000 km (domestic relocation);

The more items you have to move, the bigger your home will be; thus you’ll need a bigger vehicle to transport everything. To avoid getting a tiny truck where you can’t put your items or a giant vehicle where you pay for unused space, don’t only book a vehicle after taking your home’s size into account. Consider the other criteria as well.

The quantity of items you need to transfer is one of the key elements in determining the size of the truck you want. For example, a two-bedroom home may not signify the same thing to everyone since everyone uses space differently. Some people may fill every crevice of their home with objects, while others may use the same space more sparingly. The best course of action is to make an inventory of your household belongings so that you can readily determine how much you need to transfer.

When looking for Truck Type in India, get rid of any unnecessary household items to make it easier to relocate the entire household at one. Furthermore, clearing out your belongings will not only help you pack more quickly and efficiently, but it will also make it easier for you to reserve an appropriate truck size at a price you can afford. To learn more please visit the website of TruckGuru.

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