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Precautions that mover and packers company should take in monsoons and the COVID-19 scenario

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Relocating home or office in a dry climate can be done easily, but when you have to move to a different city or state in the rainy season then you need to put extra effort. And in the Covid-19 scenario, the problem increases many folds and you need to take extra precautions like social distancing, sanitizing, wearing masks, etc. In such circumstances, it is advisable that you must hire reliable and professional movers and packers in India who will handle your move with complete safety and great efficiency.

Due to the corona pandemic, the lockdown was imposed across the country and people who were in the middle of shifting faced many issues like getting permits from both the states (from where they are moving and in which they are moving).Usually, the frequency of people shifting is very high but, due to the coronavirus outbreak, almost everything has brought to a standstill.

In the current covid-19 scenario, many of us have the common question, “Is moving considered essential?”

As defined by many local and state officials, essential reasons to come out from your home during a lockdown includes- getting health care, buying groceries or supplies etc. As moving out from your house can increase the chances of getting infected from coronavirus, we encourage you not to move unless it is essential.

Moving is considered essential in many cities due to the need to safely “shelter in place” in compliance with the existing COVID-19 orders. However, it is recommended to check with your local authorities in advance, as local law enforcement is the defining voice in this discussion. So, be sure to comply with the local officials’ orders and keep on monitoring their communications.

Due to heavy rain, the road condition becomes very bad, and your valuable goods may get damaged if they get wet. Also, moving in Coivid-19 will force you to be extra cautious in choosing the rightmoving company. Professional moving companies and online movers and packers have specially trained their teams to make your move healthy and safe. So, if you plan to move during this emergency, hire packers and movers who take following precautions-

  • Digital truck booking procedure
  • Top packers and movers allow their customers to book trucks digitally so that they don’t have to step out from their houses unnecessarily. Try to complete most of the procedures online. Customers can take a virtual tour of moving company’s services, packages and experience. They can complete most of their paperwork digitally. This way you can avoid coming in contact with many people. Top moving firms do most of thediscussions through phone calls. Before signing the agreement, they clear out all your doubts and send all the terms and conditions digitally to you. When it comes to payment, they prefer using digital modes over cash for any transaction. Thanks to online movers and packers in India, who have made the moving process easier and safer during covid-19.

  • Check your zone
  • Before shifting, professional packers and movers will verify your zone where you are moving. If that the place you are planning to movefalls under a containment zone, it is recommended that you should not move to that place. Moving to red zone places can increase health risk. You should also research about that particular area and check outthe number of cases in that area. When you book online movers and packers, inform them about your zones. They will take the necessary measures to make your shifting process smooth and safe.

  • Disinfect thoroughly
  • Leading moving companies, ensure that the vehicle and tools used should be properly and timely disinfected. They have trained teams to perform sanitation work and ensure they follow hygiene measures. They don’t compromise on hygiene factors. Some companies offer sanitation servicesintheplace you’re moving to because your safety is the most important for them. Also, they use a closed body containerized vehicle to protect your stuff from heavy rain whereas unprofessional moving companies use open body trucks in which they use trampoline covers during rainy weather to protect your goods. This more often is leaky with multiple holes. So, hiring an experienced and professional moving company will make a lot of sense.

  • Rescheduling your move
  • If you decide to reschedule your move due to some unavoidable circumstances, the best movers and packers in India will be flexible during these uncertain times. If you wish to inquire about deposit and refund policies in the event, they will explain to you the policy in detail. These moving firms will consider unprecedented circumstances and try to accommodate your requirements.

  • Prefer disposable packaging
  • Professional moving companies offer to use completely disposable wrapping products such as shrink-wrap and furniture wrapping paper to control potential exposure. If the moving party would still prefer to use cartons, the company will use sanitation techniques to ensure the cartons are disinfected between moves. You can also use your packing material. In addition to this, try to pack everything in bags and boxes you already have at home. Try to use as much packaging material as you find in your house. You can also ask the moving company for sanitation of your material to ensure the safety of your belongings. This is a small yet important safety and hygiene step that has become mandatory while moving homes during covid-19.

  • Postponing won’t affect pricing
  • If it’s raining cats and dogs,there is a possibility that you might have to wait for a couple of hours and observing how the weather progresses.You may be forced to cancel or postpone your movebutif you think that it might impact your moving cost then don’t worry because professional online movers and packers won’t charge extra for it.

  • Your safety comes first
  • If you still have to move in such circumstance, these companies should put your health and safety first. The moving company performs a virtual survey instead of an in-home survey to prepare the quotation. They do the screening of their staff to ensure your as well as their health and safety. They keep hand sanitizer in all trucks. Loading and unloading teams wear gloves and masks and sanitize the high-touch surfaces on the trucks, in your homes, on the equipment, and their office areas.Free storage is also offered by reputable moving firms. They will hold your belongings for free till the time your new home is not ready.

  • Setup for unloading
  • For easy, quick and safe unloading of your boxes, experienced packers and movers make an arrangement where one person stands inside the vehicle, the second person just beside the vehicle and so on till the queue reaches inside of your house. All team members keep themselves ready by wearing masks and hand gloves.They pass carton boxes and other small items from one hand to another in such a manner that the floor would stay dry and mud-free. Moreover, thiswould cut down the unloading time and maintains safety as well.

    Some safety tips for yourself-

    While shifting homes, keep in mind to take all precautionary measures for yourself. This involves wearing gloves, masks, washing your hands frequently and sanitizing. Immediately change your clothes, take shower and disinfect your footwear when you come from outside.Sanitize your mobile screen and any other gadget along with you. Apart from these basic precautionary measures, you need to follow some other tips while shifting. Have a look-

  • Opt for furnished homes
  • If you want to avoid the hassle of transporting your furniture to your new house, it is better to move into fully furnished homes. This minimizes the chances of coming in contact with many people and other moving hassles. Many portals can be helpful to find fully furnished homes, with all the essential furniture and appliances you’ll need. TV, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Sofa, Bed, cupboardetc. This way you’ll have a great place ready with no effort.

  • Seeking help from reliable movers and packers
  • If youhave decided to move inthis pandemic and have to transport a lot of stuff, you may have to consider movers and packers’ services. While it is the best and safest option in the current pandemic situation. When you hire online movers and packers, ask about the safety measures that they are implementing. Inquire them what protocols are being followed by their team to ensure safety. Also, ask them to thoroughly disinfect your stuff once it has been shifted to your new house.

  • Choose to pack and unpack on your own
  • On a safer side, you can try to pack and unpack your items on your own. It will help you to avoid coming in contactwith other people. This will be a bit tiring but will be safe for you.And, if you are not comfortable with this option, you can try finding a fully furnished home. Try not to involve other people than your family members, do individually as much as you can.

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