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Moving &Packing: Tips To Safely Pack And Ship Fragile Items

When we plan to move to a new house, one common concern for all of us is the safety of the fragile items during the move. However, we have the great responsibility of moving each and every item safe to the next destination, but moving fragile items which are of high monetary value as well, to a new destination becomes really a complex task due to its delicate nature.

Furthermore, our sentimental value makes it even more devastating if they are damaged or even get a single scratch on them. You have to be extra careful, otherwise, you may have to be ready to bear the loss.So, learn how to pack and choose the best transportation services in Indiato move fragile items safely and damage-free.

Fragile items compriseof anything that can be easily broken from glassware to antiques and more. The delicate items which are made up of any material such as crystal and ceramic need extra attention while packing and shipping.

The leading transportation service providers are expert in packing and shipping delicate items. You can contact them and book their packing & moving services. They handle moving challenges like packing and shipping fragile items every day. So, you can trust them. Doing this can make shipping breakable items much easier and hassle-free.

Here’s a quick look at the best-quality packing materials to use, how to protect delicate items during shipping-

The best and the most suitable packing material for fragile items

When it comes to safelymove fragile items, the packing material plays a key role.Have a quick look at some of the top packing materials to use-

  • Packing tape- It is very helpful for securing boxes by providing them extra strength. Supportthe surface of the carton with a few layers of tapeto ensure no items fall through the bottom of the box.
  • Bubble wrap- A high-quality bubble wrap is important to protect the item. Multiple layers of bubble wrap help to protect the delicate item from any damage. If you are hiring a company offering transportation services in India, you can ask them to use thebest-quality bubble wrap to pack the glassware itemsto provide them extra protection.
  • Cartons- When you are asking the moving company for cartons, make sure that the boxes should have the right dimensions for the fragile item. It shouldn’t be too big or too small but should have enough rooms to snug fit the items.
  • Airbags- There shouldn’t be any space left inside the box, so, use paper or airbags to fill the gap.Items with sharp edges can be kept safe by doing this. Packing peanuts can also be a helpful tip filling in any voids.
  • Foam enclosures- They can also be helpful to provide safety to glass items.While using them, keep in mind thattheir specifications should match with the product size you’re shipping.
  • Foam-in-bag- A sprayed foam becomes semi-hard when exposed to air and excellent for packing odd-shaped fragile items.It creates a protective mold around the item. These foamsare available in different densities, so do your research and be sure to choose the best for your item.
  • Crumpled craft paper- It is also an effective wayof filling in gaps in your box. Place nearly two inches of crumpled paper between the gap fragile item and the wall of the box for the best results.

How do you protect fragile items during shipping?

  • Pack the fragile items with patience
  • As the delicate items need extra care, it is often a good idea to wait for its packing until everything else in your home has been packed. But make sure that the packing team reaches on time to start early. Packing fragile items can take a lot longer. Many people who start packing from the breakables soon realize that time is their enemy. Before they realize that, moving day has arrived, they still doing the packing. Professional transportation service providers keep plenty of time to make sure they can finish the entire job patiently.

  • Cushioning for extra safety
  • We can secure delicate glassware items by making a proper cushioning around them in the box. Not only bubble wrap or newspaper are useful for wrapping your breakables, but you should also support the bottom of the boxes with this. If you are short on budget for bubble wrap, try using a newspaper. This is an excellent and cost-effective alternative.

  • Packing them tightly
  • Pack fragile items in the box as tightly as you can because if there is a gap in the box, there is a risk of banging together during the move. So, to avoid this, you should pack things in such a manner that there should be no void.

  • Use the sturdy box
  • You are taking all the precautions while packing the fragile items, but you ignored the importance of a sturdy box. It can risk the safety of fragile items. Use sturdy boxes with thicker cardboard. It can do a better job of withstanding punctures and the shock of sudden movements during the move. Talk with the moving companyabout shipping instructions and special boxes for valuable items.

  • Prepare for unpacking
  • When packing delicate things, keep similar types of items together like crockery, showpieces, etc. and label boxes accordingly. Labels on your boxes will behelpful to locate these special boxes among others during the unpacking process. Paper, loose-fill, corrugated fiberboard pads, foam, and air pouches can be recycled after use. Thus, make sure you have trash and recycling ready when you reach your new destination.

  • Talk toan expert
  • Choose aprofessional company to get transportation services in India. They have resources as well as personnel to help plan your safe move. They use high-quality packing materials. They have trained teams to do specific tasks related to the move such packing, loading, unloading, unpacking etc.which allow them to process the move in an effective, safe and timely manner.

    How Do You Ship Fragile Items Internationally?

    Shipping fragile items internationally is a little risky, so be sure to keep in mind the following useful tips-

    • It is important to determine the value of the fragile item accurately before you ship it.
    • As every country has its own list of prohibited items. They have set rules for this. Do detailed research ahead of time to ensurethe items can enter the country.
    • Considering customs duties and import taxes are also significant when shipping delicate items internationally.
    • Always consider the importance of legal paperwork, its cost and other charges.
    • Before shipping your package overseas,choose adequate insurance coverage.
    • Scheduling your shipment online will also be helpful in saving a lot of time and effort on your end.
    • Try to find a transport companyor courier company with pickup &delivery services to make things easier.
    • As we know, fragile items need special care &handling, be sure the courier company you choose can accommodate them.
    • Be aware of the destination delivery requirements of the package.

    Shipping fragile items locally or overseas require special care. Always protect your items with high-quality packaging materials and take extra care when packing and loading them up.

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