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TruckGuru is a transforming freight service provider in India. With a pan India presence, it is a seamless experience for shippers and fleet operators that they are relying on any sort of shipping, logistics and express cargo services on TruckGuru. We make the process of getting trucks at the best price and tracking of each shipment easily for shippers, and help fleet operators in ensuring optimal utilization and effective management of their fleet.

For the perfect evaluation Team, TruckGuru is together making a difference in consistency and focusing on below points to sustain the organization growth.

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Efficient global delivery integrated with local needs
  • Reduction of inventory
  • Reduction of supply chain costs
  • Shorter lead times
  • Improved productivity

Measure Express performance

There are many important metrics needs to considered for measuring the carrier performance, thereby reducing the overall cost to the company and increasing the efficiency of the supply side. By having clear metrics gives you a level of security and helps you manage the relationship with the third-party provider.

Be Transparent for Administrations

Having clear measurements gives you a level of security and encourages you to deal with the associated with the outsider suppliers. Scarcely any essential measurements, for example, Cost for inbound and outbound administrations, client bliss measurements, for example, on-time pickup and on-time delivery, transportation cost per shipment or request, receipt exactness, and information accessibility. It is critical for new businesses to make utilization of the logistics and transportation administrations from outsider logistics organizations with great unwavering quality and effectiveness.

Control Administration of Stock

Startups often stock excess inventory because they lack supply chain visibility. To effectively reduce excess inventory, you have to gain reliable information on future orders. It is important to stock-up only the products which are in high demand and if not this will cost huge wastage with increasing overall cost to the company.

Consolidation of Shipments

Shipment Consolidation (SCL) is a logistics strategy that combines two or more orders or shipments so that a larger quantity can be dispatched on the same vehicle to the same market region. They can combine small shipments from more than one company that needs to go to the same destination. It is important to address the consolidation issues in a shipment and proper determination of how much to consolidate before shipping or how many time periods to consolidate before shipping the aggregate volume. For startups, this can save a lot of time and money.

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