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TruckGuru is one of the foremost trucking companies, delivering the plethora of transport services to its esteemed consumers across India. We are the “best-in-class and cost-effective transporter” as defined by our customers and serving this industry for many years.

We have set high standards in every facet of transportation, and strive to keep raising the bar. With our extensive industry knowledge and skilled team, you can completely focus on your core interests whereas leaving the tiring and complex moving process on us.
Time-critical? No worries – TruckGuru will help you!

Our company is equipped with advanced equipment, modern tools, and expertise that enable us to help our consumers with crucial transportation and supply chain solutions. We ensure businesses that they will get excellent-quality, prompt, and secure transportation services irrespective of time-constraint, the heavy load issue, and any other related problem.

Being the prime logistics services provider, we believe that people, technology, infrastructure and expertise all work together to help businesses to succeed and henceforth, we are offering the right blend of all these.

We are a customer-centric firm and our every action is aimed to offer ease and comfort to them when it comes to booking a truck. Our online truck booking app has tremendously simplified the process of booking a truck. Whether you are looking for the companies of online truck booking Hyderabad or online truck booking Mumbai, TruckGuru would always be your right choice.

Online Truck Booking- A Smart Trucking Move

Bored with traditional truck booking practices? Looking for a smart and quick way to book a truck? No worries! We have introduced an innovative and sophisticated way to book trucks. Our online truck booking app and online portal will allow you to book truck online anywhere, anytime.

Online transport booking is just a click away! No matter what type and size of your load is, we have the necessary infrastructure, equipment and tools to accommodate your transportation needs. We are a full-service transport company backed by a wide range of tech-enabled trucks, and experienced & skilled team players to offer you best-in-class logistics and supply chain solutions.

We offer you an instant pricing option while you try to book a truck using our mobile app. It will give you a better idea to manage your transportation budget.

A trucking company – always there for you!

Our safe and affordable transport services will help businesses to drive business growth. We have years of experience in handling different types of transportation projects which enable us to help our businesses to focus on their core competencies and business operations. Our trucking company adds value to businesses at every stage, right from delivering advanced truck booking solutions to time-bound deliveries of goods anywhere across the nation.

We are your trusted partner in your digital transformation journey. We have designed our app while keeping your truck booking needs in mind. No matter whether transportation involves short distance or long-distance, we are committed to delivering your goods in a hassle-free, safe and timely manner. How we can help you?

Rich industry experience

We bring together years of diverse experience in the transport industry. As the best online transport booking company, we know what all it needs to bring you effective and affordable solutions to suit your every transport need.

Advanced technology

Our adoption of technology, proven expertise and a huge network of fleet owners and drivers helps us to serve you anywhere, anytime across any part of the country.

On-time, every time

We understand the value of time for you as well as for us. That is why we try to deliver your consignment on time, every time.

Competitive pricing

By designing innovative transport solutions that are targeted to your unique business requirements, we have created a pricing strategy that works for everyone. Cost can become a major constraint while hiring our services, but with our most affordable prices, we won’t let this happen with our clients.

Reliability and safety

We drive reliability and safety in transport operations through the effective implementation of advanced security tools and technologies. It further helps you to drive efficiency and achieve operational excellence.

Hassle-free services

We provide hassle-free shipping and flawless logistics solutions for all your Transport needs, whether small or big, to all parts across the country.
Are you looking for a reliable and experienced transport company in India? Search online for “local transport near me” or “transport company near me”, we are sure that you will find TruckGuru in top results. So, call us now to book our services!

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We are very passionate about what we do! We have everything that all is required to move your goods safely and damage-free. So, choosing us means picking the smartest way to streamline the moving operations in your business and focus on your core operations.

Full Load Services

We provide Full Truck load transportation services with varied type of trucks available with the click of a button.

Transparent Pricing

With our fare calculator, we instantaneously give you best possible rates online.

Quick & Easy Portal

Hiring a truck is now just a click away, through our hassle free online booking system.

Advance Booking

Our vehicle availability is guaranteed on daily/weekly/monthly basis to ensure on-time reporting.

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“Would really like to take a moment to appreciate TruckGuru’s presence from end-to-end in dealing with loads and quick response time. They took full responsibility to deliver it on time and highly recommended."


“TruckGuru impresses us with its promptness, responsiveness, and excellent organization. They are safe and keep our logistics on time, to a Pan India location with so much ease!! The team truly pulled together!"


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Frequently Asked Questions

TruckGuru is a premier provider of transport services across the country and helping our patrons to transport any freight, any size, anywhere in India. We cover a vast gamut of transportation solutions to present our clients with customized options to meet their needs. Our online truck booking app has been proved the blessing to our customers when they book truck online Delhi or do online truck booking Chennai. Our team works closely with our consumers to look at their whole supply chains, from point of origin to the end-consumer, to find the new opportunities.

What We Do?

Our company is majorly engaged in two segments - Logistics and Transportation. We have crafted a complete suite of Logistics and Transportation solutions that incorporates -

Transportation Management System

Warehouse Management System

Fleet Management

Online truck booking

Movers and packers

Truck rental services

Why choose TruckGuru Transporter Services?

1. Rich industry experience

2. Advanced and modern technology

3. A tech-enabled fleet of truck

4. The quick and safest way to book transport service online.

5. A skilled, passionate and committed team

6. Round the clock customer service

7. Real-time location of your consignment

8. Complete customer satisfaction

What Does Truck Transport Services Mean?

Truck transport services, also known as trucking or freight transportation services, refer to the movement of goods, merchandise, or cargo from point A to point B. Trucks play a crucial role in the transportation industry in India, facilitating the movement of goods efficiently and cost-effectively over various distances Nationwide.

What are the goods that truck delivery companies deliver to Pan India locations?

Truck delivery companies transport a wide range of goods, including consumer goods like electronics and furniture, food and beverages, raw materials for manufacturing, automotive parts, and construction materials. They facilitate the movement of everyday items, perishable foods, industrial components, automobiles, and construction supplies, ensuring efficient & timely deliveries to various locations. Trucking services play a vital role in the supply chain, providing versatility, flexibility, and door-to-door delivery options for businesses and individuals across different industries. But you can also find yourself transporting more specialized things.

How can I book a truck via TruckGuru APP?

Booking a truck via the TruckGuru app is quick and straightforward. Follow these simple steps to book your truck:

1. Download and Install the App: Download the TruckGuru app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and install it on your smartphone.

2. Sign Up or Log In: Create an account if you're a new user or log in if you already have an account.

3. Enter Pickup and Delivery Details: Enter the pickup and delivery locations, along with the type of goods you want to transport.

4. Select Truck Type: Choose the appropriate truck type based on your cargo size and quantity.

5. Customize Services: Book your shipment with additional services like loading/unloading assistance or insurance coverage.

6. Get Instant Quotes: The app will provide you with instant fare estimates for your truck transport.

7. Confirm Booking: Select the preferred fare, and if you're satisfied, confirm the booking with a booking amount.

8. Track Shipment: Track your shipment in real-time and receive updates until it reaches its destination.

Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of booking your truck transport with just a few taps on the TruckGuru app!

Know Why Are We Best From Others?

We make it faster.

We adopt a systematic and collaborative approach.

Save you on money by reducing operational expenses.

A safe, easy-to-use and faster mobile app

Cost-effective, modern and personalized transport solution

We adopt an advanced and organized approach

Assurance of timely and safe delivery of goods

Above all, we’ve hired top-shelf talent – experienced operators and officials who know how to serve our clients to reduce costs and improve their productivity. We immediately respond to our customers’ needs who use our feature-rich and user-friendly truck booking app for better transportation and logistics services.

Tips To Truck Hiring

When you want to hire mini truck for rent, start by submitting your requirements and receive free quotations from truck rental companies. Compare and hire the company within your budget, then confidently schedule your move.

Additionally, Check the truck rental company's reputation and reviews to make sure they offer reliable sources and well-maintained vehicles. Plan your rental time with flexibility, allowing for potential delays.

Furthermore, remember to obtain proper insurance coverage to protect both your belongings and yourself. Lastly, inquire about any hidden fees or mileage limitations to avoid unexpected costs.

With these tips in mind, you can make a well-informed decision and ensure a smooth and stress-free truck rental experience.

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