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Chennai and Vadodara are among the two popular business bases in our country. Chennai is ranked in the second position as the largest exporter of IT. It also houses other major industries including automobiles, technology, hardware as well as healthcare. On the other hand, Vadodara happens to be the cultural, educational and industrial hub of the country.
Considering the prominence of both the cities as a major industrial hub in the country, many individuals are relocating their base from Vadodara to Chennai for the blooming employment opportunity. However, considering the distance between the cities calls out the need for a  good transport service who can help in transferring goods, logistics as well as aid in relocation to the city known for its ethnic diversity.
Here is where TruckGuru comes into the picture. TruckGuru is listed among top transport companies in India who offer customer-centric services understanding the very core of their needs. They have their offices set across different parts of the country including Vadodara as well as Chennai.
Ease your relocation with Online Booking at TruckGuru
Counted among the most efficient logistic service providers in the country, we believe to ease our services by making it techno-centric. So, instead of spending time dialing our numbers, customers can straight away book through our online truck booking app or simply visit our website online at “”. Look through the various listings and generate instant booking from Vadodara to Chennai within few clicks.

What has helped TruckGuru continue as the top player in the country?

We at TruckGuru keep our customers at the top. Our very crux is offering comfort service and help in easy relocation without any trouble. Additionally, TruckGuru caters to varied transportation services including loading, unloading of goods, and transporting them to the said place. So, no matter which part of the country you wish to transfer your logistics, TruckGuru promises top-quality transport at budget fitting prices.

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Our Advantages


Full Load Services

We provide full load transportation Services with varied type of trucks available with the click of a button.


Transparent Pricing

With our fare calculator, we instantaneously give you best possible rates online.


Quick & Easy Portal

Hiring a truck is now just a click away, through our hassle free online booking system.

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Advance Booking

Our vehicle availability is guaranteed on daily/weekly/monthly basis to ensure on-time reporting.


Live Tracking

Get real time updates of your goods with our simplified technology.


24/7 Service

TruckGuru is dedicated to provide exceptional customer support over the Phone & Live Chat.



Thanks to TruckGuru, booking a truck for moving our goods across cities has become completely hassle free. With their online booking system, getting a truck on demand has become a smooth procedure, and you also get access to the rates instantly. We highly recommend them for their efficient and trustworthy customer service.

Transportation & Logistics Services Client - TruckGuru LLP

Using TruckGuru to facilitate the movement of our consignments has been one of the best experiences so far for us. Their professionalism and customer-centric approach to the services makes them stand apart from other transportation services. Their real-time updates about the goods and professional operators offer us peace of mind, no matter how important the consignment.

Transportation & Logistics Services Client - TruckGuru LLP

Online Truck and Cargo Booking Services Client  - TruckGuru     Transportation and Logistic Services Client - TruckGuru LLP     Transportation and Logistic Services Client - TruckGuru LLP     Online Truck and Cargo Booking Services Client  - TruckGuru     Transportation and Logistic Services Client - TruckGuru LLP     Online Truck and Cargo Booking Services Client  - TruckGuru     Online Truck and Cargo Booking Services Client  - TruckGuru